Pianos & Pool Tables


Professional Expertise


Roderick Removals & Van Lines in Gladstone specialises in relocating pianos and billiard tables. We have more than a decade of experience in moving these items, handling them with care so that they arrive at their new destination damage free and in perfect working order.

Pianos and billiard tables are some of the most sensitive to manage during home or business relocations. Moving them can be a delicate process, a specialised understanding and a clear strategy is required to ensure no damage is done during the move.

Aside from being extremely heavy, their unique shapes and sizes, smooth finishes and components means they need specific expertise to make sure they’re protected during transit.

Professional Piano Movers

We make sure that your prized instrument is protected throughout the journey. From the moment we take the piano out of your home or office until the time we transport it to your new address, we’ll handle it with professional care and expertise.

Whether it’s an Upright or a Grand Piano, our team of removalists will handle every stage of the move with care and precision. With an inventory of equipment and insulating materials to help with the job, we’ll keep your piano secure and protected throughout the journey.

Expert Pool Table Movers

Moving a sofa or any other heavy furniture takes some skill but moving a pool table requires a certain level of expertise. Even the lightest pool table can easily weigh twice as much as a heavy sofa – imagine having to navigate narrow corridors and stairs bearing that load.

Also, it may be necessary to disassemble large pool tables - 9-foot ones, for example, to move them through the home or office. Our expert removalists are familiar and experienced with different pool table sizes and styles, allowing us to take the components apart safely, transport them damage-free, and set up the unit again correctly.

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